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Can I get funding for a PGCE a second time in 2024?

In 2021 I undertook a PGCE and I was wrongfully failed/ terminated from the course.
After 2.5 years of appeals, complaints, complaining through the OIA and an investigation by the University's legal team, the uni has finally accepted that they wrongfully failed me and made me redress offers. for now I am going to seek further legal advice on their offer.
However, in the meantime I want to start studying again.
Does anyone know If I can get funding again from SFE and the Department of Education bursary?
Cheers guys!

hi @chrisking90uk,

it is very tricky to answer your question as it all depends under which conditions you left your course.

I would suggest you contact Get into Teaching, get a teaching adviser, it is a free advisory service. Your adviser will be able to help you work out where you stand, once they have all the details of your personal situation. To get an adviser, click here.
All the best,


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