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English gcse vs a level

Is English a level a big step up from gcse? Lang or lit?
I do English language for a level (im in y13) and at a level its not necessarily harder aside from it being an a level vs GCSE so obvs its harder in that sense, its more so that English lang a level is SO SO different. its much more about linguistics than GCSE
I do English lit A Level (year 13) and firstly I love it!! Yeah, all subjects are a bit of a step up but I think I was quite daunted by English in year 12, because it's one of those subjects where you don't really get it right at the start... It took me some time to write essays that reached higher marks, but I think most people in my class have found that too - and we've all also found that we're learning and developing.

In terms of content, you study more books. I guess that's a step up. You're also supposed to think a bit more individually (no more writing by rote that Lady Macbeth is quite manipulative). That's challenging but it's also one of my favourite bits of the A Level!

There is some crossover - I still studied a Shakespeare for A Level while the skills like context and comparison are just as important. You just get to look in more depth at the texts.

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