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Greggs - successful interview but no follow up for a while

Interviewed for a part-time night role at Greggs. This was on Wed 24th offered the role on the 25th but as of yet have heard nothing.

No conformation email/ successful application / thanks for attending the interview - no follow up phone calls - no change on the careers hub - this is quite unusual compared to other jobs I have had.

Would it be too early to call the store and see what is happening? I have heard from others it took two weeks to get a conformation email.

Anyone else had the same issue?
the same happened to me. I got offered the job after my interview but they didn’t ask me to start until like 3 weeks after. The Greggs application process is quite long unfortunately :/
its a shame the process is so long - its got me confused as to weather I am even employed at all

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