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English Language paper 1 q5 Structure

For the story on English Language paper 1 q5 my teacher has told me to use the structure 2,4,6,8,2. But I have seen videos on YouTube in which say that I need to have 2/3 pages of writing. Whose advice should I use to help me get more marks?
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We've been told to write between 2&4 pages and to use a five paragraph structure.
Opening - Talk about the weather/atmosphere
Zoom In - Find something to zoom in on to talk about. You don't even need to be able to see it. Maybe there is snow on a mountain top or a dog even a bird in the sky.
Zoom Out - Pan around the scene, what else can you generally see.
Flashback - What was that place like yesterday, a week ago, a year ago - what's changed about it??
Ending - Go back to what you were talking about in the first paragraph to make it cyclical structure.

Hope that helps :smile:

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