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The GCSE requirements state that although there are no strict requirements , they will still be looked at in relation to the cohort at school etc. Unfortunately . at GCSEs , I received the grades 87777766654. To be absolutely clear my sciences have all achieved a 7 , and on all the courses/websites I have looked at have stated that the requirements are usually a 6. Despite this I fully recognise that there is a high standard at Cambridge and most applicants will have 9s. Unfortunately I was going through personal family problems at the time (although I am not sure if they qualify for a contextual offer) , and that affected my performance.

I am confident I will receive A*A*A* after sitting my A-Levels next year , and I plan to take a gap year in which I will gain a lot of experience and I also already have many relevant experience. What I am attempting to say is that I consider myself a prime candidate for Cambridge Medicine , if not for the small issue of my GCSEs.

My question is this with GCSEs , should I consider applying to Cambridge Medicine , or should I retake all my GCSEs until I get straight 9s in all ? (if you accept resits at all) . Will my GCSEs severely hinder my application or can the rest of my application make up for it ?
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To be honest GCSEs matter to an extent where you need a six or above to get into a prestigious university. If you got a six or above in maths or English you're already set because hardly anyone looks at gcses. A-levels matter about 10x more. However you need to be careful, since im assuming that your doing maths, biology and chemistry/ physics or whatever, an a* in all of those subjects is hard. But what you need to do over this summer is do summer school activities with Cambridge or Oxford and prestigious universities so someone in that school can advocate for you if for example you didn't make the cut. Ive been given offers with Oxbridge in medicine with an A A B. But the point is GCSEs don't matter, I promise you if you work hard and get the alevel requirement, gcses won't matter a bit. Keep in mind everyone goes through circumstances and unis take this into account.

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