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any advice on revision methods

I always struggle with revision and I am open to suggestions and hints and tips
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I like to split my revision in what I tend to find more "fun" and more serious. "Fun" revision is what I count as having the telly on whilst I make revision cards for example as you are still revising but you are still in that relaxed kind of atmosphere as the telly is on? From having done this you could spend maybe 45 mins or so in silence completing exam questions maybe with headphones in so again you are more focused but you still have something that you enjoy in the background to keep you motivated (and keep this rotating). Sometimes it is relaxing to go for walks with revision cards too especially in the summer! Here you can also put your headphones in so its more chill and even meet up with friends to test one another on :smile: idk if this is much help haha I hope that it is
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