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How hopeful should I be about getting into Cambridge?

I've always had Oxford in mind but unfortunately they don't really offer any undergrad courses I'm interested in, so I've been thinking about Human, Social, and Political Sciences at Cambridge. But I got rejected by Trinity for their summer residential and I'm expecting to be rejected for HE+ too then lol. Do people get into Cambridge without engaging in any extracurricular stuff? I have a residential at Oxford and a trip to Eton coming up but both are for English Literature, I just applied because I'm doing it for A-level and was bored. But it probably wouldn't help me for HSPS, right?
I just don't want to keep my hopes up about Cambridge if I don't really have much to offer, as pessimistic as that sounds. The residential and HE+ were the only chances I had at getting to know about HSPS and I hoped it would help to then write a good personal statement, but now I got nothing oops.
Just because you never attended their summer school doesn't mean you don't have a chance. Most summer schools are for disadvantaged students and you might not meet the criteria. Any type of extracurricular is relevant, it just shows you have interests outside of your specified academics. There are always open days available to you if you couldn't go to summer schools.
If you're lacking the passion too apply to oxbridge, it might be difficult for you to express much interest to your personal statement so definitely consider visiting the uni or looking at prospectuses.

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