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Appling to CAO medicine universities in ireland


So universities like RCSI state a grade requirement of 480:

Assuming a grade of A*A*A = 2(185) + 156 + 25 = 551

(Additional 25 points is for maths)

Then, a high high HPAT score of 190 would bring cao point up to: 741

741 is greater than the 2022 guaranteed offer requirement of 740, so this hypothetical application would be accepted.

Is that correct? (I'm not used to the Irish system so I'm just asking for confirmation).

Any help is appreciated.
Hypothetically, I believe it would be accepted. Although in courses in which there is such a demand they do random selection. In the case in medicine there is random selection .Therefore, to all of the students that get a greater grade of 740 are entitled to a random selection in which will decided if you get to go to medical school in ireland.

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