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It's creeping up to 3 years at current company I have 5 years experience and I only went from 28k to 30k recently. I'm not happy as devloper roles go for 40 -45k locally! I spoke to the boss and told him about it and he said they ain't gonna compete with other company basically saying they don't care and told me I need ro improve on xyz bs before they can increase my salary and told me I'm welcome to leave or stay. I told him that junior roles are offering even 40k what is this joke! Is this normal?
you should begin developing your own game with a kickstarter as a indie developer ( or not indie ) or start making fangames and stuff this will build a name for you and mabye get you more money after all toby fox (who made undertale) and scott cathwan (who made FNAF) both started and indie developers on their own
become better than your boss
just do what makes you happy
and hey im studying coding so mabye someday you will be MY boss
either way hope this helps
ok @johnathanReid
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