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Driving lessons, exams and possibly new job?

I have booked 20hrs of driving lessons with a new instructor. And I will do that again before the day of the test so I will have 40 hours of driving lessons before then to get good experience and bolster my chances to pass first time.
However, I have applied to work at Tesco. It is 16 hours a week. If I get this job, it will mean I have to really manage my time so that everything (college, work, driving) works like clockwork. I have exams in May (BTEC) so I will keep one week free from driving/ work (if I get it) in order to focus on reading and get the best possible results that I can.
I have been for a Tesco interview before where the shift leader asked me only two questions: tell me about yourself, and are you available to work the hours required for the job but I did not get the job. I applied again at this same superstore but I don’t know what will happen. I decided to make a second account with a different cv (same thins) just trying my luck and crossing my fingers. Please advise me on this.
Also, in the course of these driving lessons, what can I do to make sure I can get the most ready I can for my test? I did 20hrs of driving before however my instructor retired before I could do some more and do my test then I did very well however. My test is booked for July, but I want late May/June, trying to hunt down dates for this.
Please advise.
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watch YouTube channels like Conquer Driving, Clearview Driving, Learn to drive Travis, helped me so much when I was learning
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You find it in May/June but not guaranteed.

All you can do is watch YouTube channels, get some practice in if have own car, do driving lessons (do mocks).

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