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how to make good friends

i am a year 8 in the uk and am struggling to make good friends
i am autistic and weird and most pepole hate me
my friends that i do have are more intersted in talking and stuff and often need "private chats" i cant be involved in
my stepdad sometimes has his friends over and they are awsome and friendly and even hang out with me (they let me join in on street fighter 6) and i want friends like that who like things like games and undertale and stuff too but i cant make friends like that what do i do
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Personally, i woudl try to look for people outside your class. I remember I used to go to the library every lunch and break and found reallt great people there. Maybe you could join a club too.

But overall what I want to say is although you are 100% justified in having this worry,, don’t worry too much! Finding your close friends works different for everyone. You just have to try to stay positive and approach things with an open mind. Good luck! :smile:
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