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A Level Results, maybe not going to Cambridge

I recently sat my A levels and am now panicking about my results. For 2/3 subjects, I feel as though I did really well and am likely to get an A* in at least one of them. My 3rd subject is A level biology and has always been my hardest subject. There were extenuating circumstances during the exam period and I had to basically cram, which was not ideal. To meet my offer I need A*, A, A in any subject but I feel that Biology has not gone well at all. In the best case scenario, I might get an A and in the worst case scenario, I get a C. My insurance is LSE which needs A,A,B. I have no idea what to do and if I'll be able to cope if I miss my offer and have to go to LSE or if I miss both offers completely. Any advice would be helpful as I am panicking.
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By extenuating circumstances- is it something you could notify your exam board about for special consideration, or even your college when grades come out? Sometimes colleges request a copy of your raw and uniform marks if you fail to meet your grade- and I presume that means you may still get the place if you were only a little off. Outside of that, I know it’s not the most satisfying advice but there is no point stressing yourself out over summer when it’s out of your hands- and we tend to judge ourselves more harshly so you may have done better than you think.
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You can always resit the exams and re-apply and perhaps e6-Level like Psychology in just 6 months. :smile:

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