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Learner driver insurance help please


My dad owns a company leased car and I want to put learner driver insurance on it, so I can practice my driving.

However, I cannot find any websites that provide learner driver insurance on company leased cars.

Please can someone help?
How can your dad OWN a compony leased car? Is it even registered in his name?
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Firstly if it's a leased car your dad does not own the car. It belongs to the leasing company. He would need permission from them for you to drive it. Also if he has GAP insurance on the car then the lease company may insist on you going on this and incurring further charges. As for the actual insurance, I think the best option might be for your dad to see if he can add you to his insurance. I don't see any insurance company wanting to cover you independently as there are too many variables with it being a lease car not leased by you.

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