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Tips for Clearing

Hi everyone :smile:

I work for Wrexham University and I have recently written a blog (with our admissions department) with some tips for Clearing.

Preparing for Clearing and navigating the process of applying to universities through clearing is important to consider if you're planning on going to university.

If you think you're likely to for through Clearing (there's no harm in preparing) then there are a couple of pointers you can pick up on to make your clearing experience simple and straightforward.

Create a clearing checklist with personally tailored questions

There are some go-to questions that will determine where you apply, including:

Does this university offer the course I’m interested in?

What GCSEs do I need to get onto this course?

How many A-levels (or other level 3 courses, such as BTECs or T-Levels) do I need, and what subjects should I study in order to enrol?

To make sure that you end up in a university that really suits your needs, you should additionally think about some extra questions relating to what you think is most important:

Is this university further away from home than I’m wishing to travel?

What is the surrounding area like? What about the city life?

Is the campus spread out? Can I access what I need close to campus?

Is the university inclusive?

What are the support services like?

If you think about these extra questions then you will be able to better visualise yourself at a university that meets your needs :smile:

Be prepared to contact universities
Universities will want to speak to you directly rather than your teachers or your parents. Make sure you have your results to hand, as well as the details of the course you want to apply to, and your contact details.

Be open to other suggestions

Although universities may not be able to offer you the course you originally applied for, they may suggest another degree that they feel aligns with your results and interests. This may sound strange, but you may find that the suggested course suits you better than the one you originally applied for.

Don’t rush into a decision
You should go through your clearing checklist and weigh up your options after contacting universities before deciding where to go. This will ensure that you are prepared for the clearing process and that you will make the right decision to start the right course at the right university for you.

I hope this has been useful and make sure to read our full blog for the full list of tips for Clearing :smile:

Best wishes,


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