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A-Level English coursework

I’m doing comparisons for my English literature coursework and I’m stuck on choosing what books I want to read and study. I’m considering “Lolita” or “Virgin Suicides” for my pre-2000s and I’m unsure what fits best for either of these books for post-2000s - I want to link themes and identify similarities between my post-2000s and pre-2000s choices. Which would be the best option, as well as a book that will be good to study for my post-2000s? Thank you.
oh you could certainly look at lolita alongside call me by your name! both have obvious themes of age gaps and forbidden relationships. lolita is known as a classic whilst cmbyn is considered a queer iconic book, so it's rather interesting that despite their scandalous and controversial themes and viewpoints, which i believe are conveyed quite differently, they're still so popular and considered great works of literature.

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