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Switching from work visa to student visa


I hope someone can help from there experience.

I am currently on a work visa 'Skilled worker' in the UK.
I have applied for PhD. So, I am going to switch to a student visa.
My course starts in September.

My issue is that i am planning to continue work until last day august, but if i receive my student visa, i will not be able to work untill the end of August, how can i specify this in my visa application or what can i do. if i receive my visa before end of august.
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As it will be outside your term time, you can work for an unlimited amount of time. However, you may need to ask your company's HR about working for that little bit of time on a student visa instead of a skilled worker visa between getting your student visa approved and your last day at work.
Original post by dshravya01
Hi! on a related note, If I switch from student visa to skilled worker visa the condition states that I should have completed my Course. Does the course completion date mean the date of last exam or the date of results?

completion date of your course is stated on your CAS statement

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