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How to get a 1st in pharmacy?

i study everyday for a whole year and end up on 50% please help me get a 1st ay advice.
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Have a look at what you’re actually doing to study and ask yourself is it working or is it wasting time? If you’ve been revising everyday and you didn’t get the grade you wanted try changing up your revision technique. This might take a while but keep testing yourself to see if it’s working or not.

Personally, I make anki flash cards of all the important info from the lectures and any other examinable content. Then I just practice the flashcards whenever anki says I need to. I don’t bother writing notes since it takes up too much time, I copy and paste the good stuff into google notes, fill in any gaps and make a flash card.

If you already use flashcards and they’re not working go over them and see if they have everything you’ll need for the exam. Try making them into what you think will be on the exam and word them the same way.

If you haven’t already, check out Ali Abdaal on YouTube for study tips.

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