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A levels!

Would psychology sociology and politics be a good route into studying psychology or sociology at uni?
Hi @isabella829138,

It’s great that you’re considering this now!

This can depend on the University. Some Universities may require some specific subjects and other Universities may not.

For example, for our university, we require 112 UCAS points from A Levels in at least two subjects for both Psychology and Sociology. In other words, it is not subject specific so we would consider these subjects.

Psychology: BSc (Hons) Psychology | University of East London (
Sociology: BA (Hons) Sociology | University of East London (

It’s best to have a look on the website of the Universities you’re considering applying to for more clarity.

-Samantha :h:
if you want to study psychology i think you have to take A level psychology however i might be wrong.
You aren't required to do psychology at A levels if you want to do it at university, although I think most people do. Universities usually just require you to do a science/essay subject, which Psychology counts as, but it is unlikely for them to ask for something specific. I've seen universities rarely ask for you to do biology, but they usually don't mind. Like it's been mentioned, it would be good to check the entry requirements of the universities you want to apply to.

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