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Which job would you choose?

So let's say you've been offered two jobs abroad. Which one will you choose? Just need a 2nd opinion!
Job 1) At a ski resort in France. You will work during the winter season. You will be paid 1700 euros monthly. Accommodation and meals are provided for free, so you won't need a lot of your own money to keep you going (opportunity to save money for when you go back home). You have to pay for the flight and visa only. Medical insurance is provided.

Job 2) At a luxury hotel in the USA. Great opportunity to develop your career in the hospitality industry and open many doors in the future. You will be there for a year. You will be paid over 2000 dollars monthly. However, you have to pay $4500 to sign up to the program, and you'll be paying rent (accommodation and meals are not provided.) You also need to make your own travel arrangements (pay for the flight and transfer)

I'm struggling to decide which one to choose... let me know what you think!
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Ooo they both sound good tbh but if it was me then I’d defo go for France. One reason being the opportunity to save some money and the other being the fact that it’s in France (which imo is nicer than the USA - personally not a fan😭😭) But either way they both sound like amazing opportunities and I’m sure they both would be great!

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