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How to get law related work experience for personal statement

Hi, i have currently just finished Year 12 and i'm looking for work experience opportunities to put into my personal statement to apply for law at uni, however i've noticed that I might have started applying a bit late as all firm work placements had their deadlines end in May/June time. However virtual work experience like springpod and forage seems to be open.

Is there any way I can get a placement at a law firm at this time? Or will i have to stick to virtual work experience, and if that's the case, is it considered as good as normal work experience to unis? Any answers will be much appreciated, thanks.
Law is an academic degree. Work experience isn’t required or helpful for a personal statement to apply for law. The majority of law degree students will not pursue a legal career.

If you want to do we for your own interest then go for it but don’t worry about it for your ps. Focus on your academic interests and motivation in your ps.

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