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French IRP!!

Hi, I'm currently at the end of year 12 and struggling to choose an irp topic. I know I want to do it around French history and I'm panning on doing a History degree. Any suggestions would be great!!! :smile:
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I would recommend doing something quite niche so the questions they might ask you aren't as broad, like I did Napoleon, which don't get me wrong was really interesting and I loved researching, but it was SO broad and I had to cover so much. So maybe like a lesser known person, or a specific battle from the Napoleonic wars, or even Dunkirk from the perspective of the French. One of my classmates did a woman called Julie d'Aubigny, a bisexual sword-weilding duellist and opera singer, which was a great choice! Good luck :smile:
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Have you thought of doing something around Josephine Baker? You could investigate the role of a black American music hall artist in the French resistance movement during WW2. She was the sixth woman to enter the Pantheon in November 2021.
There’s a lot of information available and a possibility of many different angles of attack.
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I did mine on the French Revolution, it’s a pretty interesting topic to research about and there are so many sources you can use

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