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Transferring Uni

I’m hoping to transfer Universities for ‘personal reasons’.
I’ve already contacted the Universities that I’m considering transferring to and I’m now in the process of rewriting my personal statement for my applications. But even though it was only a year ago, my previous personal statement feels very dated - a lot has changed😅.
So I’m now not sure how to go about writing my new personal statement. Has anyone got any tips ??

Some additional info:
- As I’ve completed and passed my first year, I’m hoping to transfer straight in to my second.
- The Universities i am considering are even further from home than my current Uni.
Hi cb.4!

Here are some tips on how to structure your new personal statement, hopefully, these will help you formulate some answers and create something you feel represents you well.

Why do you want to study your chosen subject?
Why does this subject interest you?
Why do you feel like you're a good fit to study this programme?
What additional experience have you undertaken to build your skills or character? This can include any employment you have undertaken or volunteering, clubs or groups you're a part of and maybe any relevant hobbies you have
Have these experiences helped develop your interest in your chosen programme or your career goals?

Try writing down some examples for each of these prompts and maybe come up with some of your own, this is a good place to start before building those answers into paragraphs. When you feel happy, get some feedback on what you have written and make any updates (if you need to), and then when you feel ready to submit, go ahead!

What course are you applying for?
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Thank you so much for your tips! I really appreciate it! 😊

I’m applying to do Zoology / Animal Biology.

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