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is it possible to transfer from a non Russel group uni to a Russell group uni in the second year for law LLB? What’s the procedure like and how difficult would it be to adjust?
Transfers for LLB courses are rare. Different qualifying law degrees cover the mandatory topics in different years and so getting a close match on content is difficult.

Add on that for transfers into year 2 you normally need to have good year 1 results, a close match on content AND meet the entry criteria for year 1 entry at the new university and it’s really not a likely outcome.

If you want to attend a specific university for law then you are best off resitting A levels and reapplying and meeting their entry requirements.

Don’t start a degree elsewhere hoping to transfer.
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Very unlikely.

Transfers-in to any Law program are tricky because of different course structures and, unless there is a 'compassionate' reason for a change of Uni location, its pretty much a zero chance - especially from a Uni with lower entry requirements.

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