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Placement Years/Years in Industry at Hope: How do they work?

Undertaking a placement year as part of your degree programme offers you the opportunity to gain valuable work experience alongside your studies. With an increasing number of paid opportunities on offer to undergraduates, and with stronger links between undergraduate experience and graduate recruitment, there has never been a better time to consider completing a placement year as part of your degree!

What is a placement year?
Your placement year will be one full academic year spent in industry. You need to work for a minimum of 1200 hours (approx 9 months full time) between the second and final year of your undergraduate course.

How does it work?
Our careers and employability service, along with your academic department, will support you in finding a placement that fits your career goals. We then transfer you onto the placement variant of your programme, and support you through the whole process, with CV, application, assessment and interview support.

Do I get recgonition at my graduation ceremony?
Upon successful completion of your degree 'Placement Year' is added to your degree title, e.g. BA Hons English Language with Placement Year. Your degree classification is still determined by your academic study. If you're on a three year undergraduate programme, this would make your programme of study four years.

How much does it cost?
During your placement year you pay reduced dfees of £900. You may syill be entitled to some statutary support while you're away from the university. For more details, please visit our placement year fees and funding page. Your placement fee covers support before, during, and after your placement, plus continued access to university support services whilst on placement.

Will I be paid when I'm working?
Advertised opportunities are typically £16,000-£23,000 P.A. We won't advertise unpaid opportunities, however, some students may choose to undertake paid placements.

Can all undergraduates undertake a placement year?
A placement year option is available to all undergraduate students except those studying Primary Education with QTS, Social Work, and Sport Rehabilitation, as these course already include placements.

Which employers do you work with?
We work with local, national, and international organisations to offer a range of opportunities.

Can I complete more than one placement?
Yes, at Hope you're able to combine two placements at different organisations to fulfil the 1200 hour requirement.

Can I do any job?
You'll need to get your placement uear approved by your academic department and careers and employability. The role would need to be considered 'Graduate Level' and fit with your long term career goals.

When would I need to decide on doing a placement year?
Some of courses offer the option to decide when you apply through UCAS. E.g. BEng Robotics (with a year in industry). If your course doesn't offer this option, you can transfer onto the placement in your 2nd year. Just let us know before the end of November in your 2nd year, and have a placement confirmed before mid-June in your 2nd year. If you don't secure a placement, you'll revert onto the three year variant of your programme.

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-Mel Grindon, Employment Officer, Student Futures Team

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