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How to quit a completely work from home job

Hi, so iv graduated from university and got a full time job working at the bank. I work from basically all the time and go to the office once a month. I managed to get a graduate job and now need to quit

My plan was to give my resignation in person 3 weeks before I quit on the scheduled office day but the office day got rescheduled due to my manager being on holiday, so it would be too late by then.

Iv never had to quit a job before as my previous times quitting it was due to contracting expiring etc. Do I just email my manager my resignation or do I pre-warn her on teams that I will be giving in my resignation. I’m confused on how to handle the situation so any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks
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Hi there. It's always courteous to let your manager know that your resignation is coming. Once you've told them, then you will need to submit your resignation in writing to your manager (it doesn't hurt to copy in your HR office). This can be via email. You can resign at any time, and so don't think it needs to wait until you are meeting in person. Just confirm any contractual notice period that you may have, and ensure that you meet the minimum.
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