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University of Sussex vs Lancaster

I have been accepted into Economics Finance programs for the University of Sussex and the Finance program for the University of Lancaster via the clearing process, as I didn't meet the conditional offer from the University of Manchester.

I'm torn on which uni I should go to since Sussex has a vibrant student life, while Lancaster boasts a higher ranking in general.

I also plan on getting a master's degree after graduating so part of the decision making process is where I can perform the best academically.

Which school would be the best fit not only academically but also having a good college experience. Thanks in advance!
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If you are sincere about your studies go to Lancaster. if you want a fun time go to Brighton. Lancaster School of Management is highly regarded. It's true its a campus uni but the colleges are vibrant and each college has many activities planned. No one has posted on this site saying they regretted going to Lancaster.
The University of Lancaster has about 12000 full time students, as well as some people who are doing terms abroad in Lancaster.

There are more than 160 societies at Lancaster, which cover various interests and meet frequently. These could be related to academic subjects, sport societies, or completely different types of societies.
The colleges also run events such as quizzes. Generally, each college runs at least one event per week.
Other events also frequently run at Lancaster.

In terms of places to socialise, each college has a common room and a bar. In the town of Lancaster which is about a 12-minute bus ride from campus, there are many pubs and three nightclubs.

You might also want to consider switching to the Integrated Master's once you get in so that you don't have to pay as much for the master's year.

-Kao (Lancaster Maths & Stats Student Ambassador)

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