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What universities should I apply to

I received ABBC in AS-Level Maths Physics Chemistry and Biology respectively. I want to study medicine and have chosen the 4 universities to apply to Oxford, UCL, Brighton & Sussex, and Lancaster. I achieved 2600 Band 4 in UCAT. I'm appearing in retakes for Biology and Chemistry this month. I'm also taking the BMAT in 2 weeks. Are my selections good and what should I take as my 5th choice?
What are the grades required to get into the respective universities that you have picked?

I've been at Lancaster for 4 years (integrated masters in natural sciences (physics)) and am now starting my 1st year of Physics PhD here. It's such a nice place to be, if you get the chance you should visit the campus here!

Whilst I don't directly know any medicine students, overall the people I know at Lancaster really like it here. They've built a nice new medical building in the nice green area near the sports centre and it looks great. Lancaster town has pretty much everything you would want, a cheap cinema, bars, clubs and nice book shops. There are regular events, a music festival in Williamson park every year, fireworks events, Christmas markets, a seasonal ice-skating rink etc. There are also lots of lovely cafes, including some stellar vegan ones (the herbarium). There is also an independent theatre (the dukes). Lancaster is also right next to the lakes and the yorkshire dales. There are £2 (single) buses to the lakes (555) every hour from the bus station and a train to Windermere and Penrith. There are also train and bus connections out to the dales. If you want big-city stuff, the train to Manchester is only £13.55 return (with rail card) and takes about an hour. I also recommend a day trip to Edinburgh, it's a lot of fun (the train takes about 2 hours to get there).

The campus is self-contained (with shops, college bars, cafes, a clothes shop and restaurants) but there are really really regular buses in and out of town and it only takes 10-20 minutes to get into town from uni. This gives campus a really fun, friendly and super safe atmosphere. We have a colligate system: where you are in one of the colleges and they will put on events and have their own bar. Some colleges put on more drinking-type events and some put on lots more craft/non-drinking events. There's also 100+ societies here, so it can be really easy to make friends. The on-campus accommodation is award-winning and reasonably priced.

I really this is a lot of info, but just in case it will help anyone else. :smile:
Good luck with everything!
Ella :smile:

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