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work experience for law degree?

Im 16 yo who wants to study Law in the UK universities, and I want to go to unis like Oxford UCL KCL. I have few questions regarding the work experience for law degree in those top universities.
1. Is work experience neccesary for those universities? If not how important is it?
2. Is just be sitting in the court and taking notes fine as a work experience?
3. Is taking law onlline courses as good as actually working in firms?
the problem is that I live in latin america going to international school, and as my spanish is not good enough to do local work experience that's not my option. I'm from Japan and I go back there every vacation, but since Japan is very much academic focus from what I found on the internet there are almost 0 work experience for high school students. so the only option if working in firm is needed would to travel to some other country like the US or the UK just for that for a week or so. If it increases any chance of being accepted more than taking online courses or sitting in courts, my parents would be willing to pay money for it. Please tell me if it's worth it. Thank you!
Law is an academic degree. It isn’t vocational at undergraduate level.

Your application will be judged on your academic ability and interest in academic study of law.

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