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Missing my IB HL subjects offer for Cambridge law

Hi everyone!

I am an international (overseas) students holding an offer for studying law at Cambridge University, starting in October 2023. My conditional offer stated that I needed to achieve the overall score of 42 points with 7,7,6 on my higher level subjects. While I scored 42 points in total, I got 7 from higher level English B, and 6 from higher level History and Economics, resulting in 7,6,6 instead of 7,7,6 on my HL examinations. I am missing 3 marks to 7 from history and 5 marks from economics. The Admissions Office told me that I need to wait until the release of A-levels results on the 17th of August. However, I am very stressed and I am wondering whether I have any chances of getting accepted into Cambridge law? Is it true that not achieving the required grades in the HL subjects is a disqualifying factor? And does it matter that I am an international students who took IB? I would be deeply grateful for any advice, and your opinion regarding my chances of getting accepted despite missing one of the requirements stated by my offer!
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Was it possible to get a remark to bring one of them up to a 7? Otherwise just gotta wait and see as they can't make a decision until they know how all offer-holders have done (and so they know if they have any flexibility on spaces).

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