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A Levels Subject Combination for Law at a Top UK University

Hi all, I am currently an IB Year 1 Student who has completed one semester. I will be having to move to a new school soon and will need to change to A Levels. I would like to inquire about the subject combinations required to study law in the UK eg. LSE. I was thinking something like English Language/English Literature, Economics and either Accounting,Psychology,Business Studies, Biology, Mathematics.

Would taking Business Studies/Accounting hinder my chances at going to a top university since they may be considered as "soft subjects"?

Also would it be better for me to take English Language or English Literature.

Here's my educational background for reference,

IGCSE Results ( All Extended Subjects ) :
Biology - A
Business Studies - A
Accounting - A
English First Language - B
Chemistry - B

IB Y1 Semester 1 Examination :
HL Psychology - 7
HL English Language and Literature - 5
HL Biology - 5
SL Mandarin Ab Initio - 7
SL Math AI - 6
SL Visual Arts - 5
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Also does it matter if I take Edexcel or Cambridge A Levels
Accounting is considered a vocational/applied subject and a number of universities see it as less competitive for academic courses like law. It's not an ideal preparation for that course.

You should avoid the combination of economics and business studies as due to overlapping content some universities consider this less competitive.

There is no preference between English language or literature.
It doesn't matter what A-level exam board you take. I'd look at the LSE website for entry requirements for Law and see what they say. They have a list of 'preferred/traditional subjects' that you can look at. I remember seeing that Accounting/Business is considered less traditional but if you're applying for Accounting it's fine.
It doesn't matter which subjects you take as long as you can get good grades and personal statement. I know someone who got an interview at Oxford for law doing STEM and history and french.

I would also say taking Biology with your social sciences/humanities is a bit of an odd combination but then again it's the grades at the end of the day.

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