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Can I get from a high 6 to an 8 in Y11 Chemistry?

Hey there!

I'm currently going into Y11, with predictions between 7-9; all except Chemistry. I haven't completed my GCSE mock yet, which will give me a more definite idea. However, I seem to fluctuate between a low seven, and high six. Typically, for the career I'd like to go into, it requires me to do it for a-level.

I'd really like to try and get into LAE if possible, and it accepts a 7 minimum for Chemistry.

Is it possible to achieve this, and if so, what would be a few good ways of giving myself a shot at it?

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yes ofc, i've seen people go from grade 5s to grade 8s within a year or two of solid revision
make sure you go through as many past papers as possible this year and ask your teachers abt anything you're unsure abt bc after all they're here to help you succeed and get the best grades you can
the freescience lessons yt channel is great, and make the most use of your textbook, physics + maths tutor, and practice questions
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yess. I think i got a 6 in year 10 mocks and then a 9 in the most recent mocks ive done so it's possible
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You can absolutely go from a high 6 to a grade 8. I'd go as far as saying that you can get a 9.

Use FreeScienceLessons to understand the topics, then do enough practice questions. I go to a grammar school and this is what 90% of people do to get decent grades. I was at a grade 6 at the end of Year 10, but I managed to pattern up to get a grade 7 in November mocks and grade 8s/9s by April.

As a grade 9 is about 70-75% for Chemistry, you should definitely be able to get a grade 8 if you put in enough effort.
Yes of course this was what I managed to do. In Y10 I did fluctuate between a 6 and 7.

I went from around 55% in chem exams (6) to 85% (9).

My recommendations are:
- memorise common ions by using flashcards
- same for alloys (separate science) and organic chem which you will learn in y11
- Cognito YouTube channel (great for chemistry, great if you’re a visual learner)
- lots of practice from past papers and question papers on PMT

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