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Career options after graduating in chemistry with BSc

Hi so I’m in a situation where i have no idea what i wanna do in the future and decided to come on here to get some advice or maybe guidance i guess…. I am currently going into my second year of Chemistry in university. My university offers a 4 year programme where my third year would be a placement year and the fourth year being a masters. But that would just be a masters in chemistry in general which I’m not sure i would like. I am currently unsure whether or not I should go with the programme or not as i am unsure of what to do in the future. I had 2 ideas. 1. Do a bachelors degree (3 year programme In Chemistry) and then do masters in pharmacology then become a patent attorney. OR 2. Do the 3 year programme get a bachelors in chemistry then try apply for dentistry for the 4 year course at kings college London or any other unis that has the 4 year programme.
I know, my ideas are very different from each other and i am currently very unsure of what i should do. Or even if there are other options for me. So i guess what I’m trying to ask is whether or not my ideas are good or if there are other options for me.
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regardless of how similar or different your ideas are, you haven't suggested any reasons for wanting to do any of them and:
- going from pharmacology to patent attorney is incredible far reaching;
- dentistry is a tough and competitive course and

both of these choices require a lot of motivation which you've said you don't have yet

so i think you really need to take a step back and work out what you enjoy before you try and sell yourself on an image of a career you've not built up to properly first
Hi how are you finding the course? I'm unsure whether I should apply to chemistry or take a gap year and apply to dentistry

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