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Emergency situation!

Hey guys, I’m in a really bad situation and I really need your help as I can’t find many information on Google(maybe I don’t know where to look for). So, I just became a new driver and I was looking for a car on many websites including facebook marketplace. I messaged and called some before but no luck as the cars has been sold already or the seller just simply didn’t reply back. Finally after 1 months of searching I found a seller on facebook marketplace and he told that I can come next day to buy it. I took a friend with me, the seller picked us from rail station and we went on a random street. He didn’t allowed us to do a drive test because the car has no insurance. He promised the car drive smoothly and perfectly, like is has absolutely no faults. I said ok as I was tired to look for another one and I have spent 3 hours on 3 trains. I trusted the seller. I made him a bank transfer. He gave me the key and then he left. I was in the car buying the insurance before go home. I drove for 10 minutes and the car broke down. Many lights on board. I called the recovery but it was too expensive and I couldn’t afford to pay them. So I left the car on the street it broke down and I took a taxi. The car didn’t want to turn on at all. The seller blocked my number, blocked me on facebook and he removed the car advertising. In pictures it was a British person with British accent over the phone, but when I got there it was actually a man origin from India. I lost 2,000£ and the car. It will cost me too much the repairs. I’m in a severe depression right now.So, please let me know what should I do to recover my money. What is the number for such situations and where I can report it ? Thank you.
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if you bank transferred, maybe you can try a chargeback, im not really an expert in these things but try contact your bank

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