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AS-Level Grades for US and Canadian schools

Hi. I received my AS-Level Results. I got AACD (the D in Maths). What are my chances of getting into a good uni in the US or Canada for an economics degree?
I have dropped maths and I will be sending the subject I got a C in (English lit) for remarking and if the result doesn't change I will resit in January. I have only messed up one paper and I am certain I can push my English Lit grade up to an A if I resit in Jan. The reason why I am not resitting Maths is because I want to focus on my SATs and improve other parts of my application such as my essays. I got the A's in Economics and History.
I got 7 A*s (Five 9's and Two 8's) and 1 A for my IGCSEs and I participate in multiple extracurriculars. I will be taking my SATs in August and in October again if needed and I will be aiming for a 1500+
Please let me know what my chances are of getting into a good uni in the US or Canada for an economics degree. Are there any target schools you would recommend? Are UMich and UVA schools I can try for?
As economics degrees involve maths, in the additional information section of my application I am planning to explain that I chose not to resit Maths to focus on other aspects of my application and I am committed to putting in extra work to strengthen any necessary quantitative skills at the university level through supplemental instruction.
Thank you so much for your time.

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