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Masters in AI (Hull Uni vs London)

I am an American who has a Bachelor's degree from the US and a first masters from a UK Russell Group university. I graduated from my masters ~Spring 2020 and returned to the US during the pandemic. I now want to come back to the UK for a MSc in AI (in part due to the 2 year student visa offer post graduation).

I am interested in Hull University for 4 main reasons:
-January 2024 intake so I can start my course ASAP.
-Their AI masters is a conversion course which doesn't require a Computer Science Bachelor's degree (I have experience working in an AI startup in product management and basic mediocre python knowledge BUT I am not a software engineer/coder. I also haven't yet studied Linear Algebra/Discrete Math)
-I only need to be on campus for 1 day of in-person instruction from 9 AM to 6 PM and the rest can be remote
-The tuition prices are 50% what it costs many London unis and the rent is cheaper too

1) Is it worth going to Hull University? Am I better off applying to higher ranked universities even if they require more coding knowledge? (I can spend the next 4 months cramming Python, Discrete Math, Linear Algebra etc.)

2) If I go to Hull should I live in the dorms OR should I commute from Leeds or London (since I only need to be on campus 1 day a week). The Train from Leeds is 90 minutes and from London is 2.5-3 hours from St Pancras

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