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Hello, I am considering retaking some of my a levels, previously i did biology, chemistry, maths. However, as it was during covid and later due to medical reasons I had failed and now have a gap of 2 years. I am considering to re do my chemistry and maths as I always liked and found i instinctively understoond them. In addition, i want to do a A-level in Italian - im already semifluent and it were i was born, so I could study up and do it in a year, already checken the edexcel curriculum. The problem I have ow is I am working part-time and would like to these online but i'm finding it difficult to search out if any of the so called online exam sitting programs are real or fraud. I found which seems real for chemisty and maths, but i don't now were i would do the italian a-level. I am scared to commit with so much money and finding it was a fraud, my saving and with my parents support I have only one chance to them. So did anyoje use openstudycollege is it real, they keep calling and are enthusiastic - i can't tell if they are a fraud or just being welcoming. Thank you for your help.
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Hiya! Im not sure what exams boards your with (other than edexcel for italian), but on the AQA website they say:
"Distance Learning Providers (DLPs)
Distance Learning Providers (DLPs) that are registered and approved by us are able to make entries. Where applicable, the DLP will supervise, authenticate and mark the NEA element of the qualification.

They will work with you and us in allowing you to sit the written element of the qualification at a school or college in the UK which is closer to your home.

At present we have four DLPs registered with us:

National Extension College
ICS Learn
Oxford Open Learning/Oxford Home Schooling
LearnOnline Pembrokeshire College"

So the ones listed are legit and not fraud i assume - i dont know if they offer the exam boards your after but i just thought it may be helpful if you considered looking at these ones too

I hope you get it all sorted, good luck with it all!!

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