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Which country should I aim for immigration in future, USA, Australia, UK, Canada?

I will be starting my AS levels in a few days now (business, english, psychology, and maths) and wish to pursue a business/management degree in canada. However, i may also be attending law school/pursuing a law degree after studying management (and maybe working for while in business) as i am hoping to have a degree in both. i am looking at becoming a business lawyer (maybe) or a management specialist. not sure yet but keeping my options open. with regards to that, which is the best country to study law in (as i have already chosen canada for business), settle down/immigrate, and which country offers good pay, living options, is financially good, and can allow for family members to immigrate alongside you?
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I wouldn't go to America even if you paid me. Place is a **** show, same for the UK (though not as bad, it's getting there). Canada or Australia are probably your best bets.
Germany probably better than any of those if you don't mind learning the language lol.

Otherwise your best bet is probably Canada- Australian immigration requirements are somewhat trickier to navigate unless you're in a shortage occupation I gather.

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