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Korean language students : What advice would you give to new students?


I got a place at UCLAN for APS and Korean and have started learning some language skills on my own so I don't feel I'm going in blind. I've been learning mainly hangul, how to write and pronounce as well as different syllable structures and grammar rules. I don't want to learn too much before the course starts because I did that on my last degree and I was bored the whole first year (I'm retraining).

Also how much practice a week would you recommend and what would you recommend to practice with because lets be real duolingo isn't great.

Thanks :smile:
I'm self studying Korean, here's what I'd recommend (if you haven't already started the course... I realised I'm seeing this 3 months late 😭):


Solidify your knowledge of hangul (I recommend using 90-day-korean as the website has audios for each symbol), then


Familiarise yourself with the language through things like music, dramas, youtube videos etc.


Go through the ttmik level 1 book (I'm pretty sure you can download it for free online).
That shouldn't put you too far ahead but with give you a pretty good understanding of the language in a short amount of time.

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