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advice for year 13 mocks

hello everyone, i am going into year 13 and i believe we have mocks in january, could i have some advice for revision, discipline, staying motivated and focused etc? i'm currently predicted ABC (not final) but really want to get A*s. thanks :smile:
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I would recommend studying for roughly 2 hours everyday during the school week And between 4-6 hours on weekends.

If you find it hard to focus for long periods of time you can split up study sessions into a few minutes such as completing revison for 10 minutes then having a five minute break then going back to studying. If you find urslef getting bored it may be worth switching the subject ur studying.

I would typically study the same piece of information three times, i would read the notes from lesson. Then rewrite said notes to be more consistent, finally i would read my notes aloud or talk them through as if i was teaching someone,

Studying is mainly about discipline, so if u are able to get urself into a repetive routine with this then you will have an easier time with the process. I completed my a levels earlier this year, something that i found helpful was having a friend msg me or encourage me to reivse at a certain time everyday (we did this for each other) another was leaving my house and going studying at a library with one my friends who was doing the same subject or alone.

Another friend of mine deleted all their apps off their phone and would hide it during revision hours. I don't recommend this tbh but if it sounds like it would help u at all then good luck!

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