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What is Cardiff vs Uni of Nottingham like for social life and/or nightlife?

I visited Cardiff and its a pretty city, very walkable however I went during summer when uni was not open so I didn’t get to see any uni students or uni social/nightlife and wanted to know if anyone can tell me what Cardiff’s social and/or nightlife is like? Cardiff Bay did have a nice music scene going on with underground artists so that was nice.

I went on a Monday so the nightlife wasn’t really existent but I have heard there is a good/decent nightlife and there’s clubs for different genres of music. I.E rock, EDM, Afro- beats/Dancehall etc… Can any Cardiff uni students confirm if there are Afro-beats /dancehall clubs?

How often does the Millennium Centre have concerts. I know they’ve had Beyonce, Tina Turner, Harry Styles but do big artists often visit Cardiff?

I know there’s Bristol and other cities nearby if you want to try something different for a weekend or night out etc.

In Cardiff, I asked a bus driver where Cardiff Beach was as I saw there was one online and he told me they don’t have a beach and they just have Cardiff Bay. I visited and it was nice.

I visited Nottingham a while ago on an open day so I don’t think I got the most accurate viewpoint of the uni. But, it appears to have a good social life. The students and staff were very friendly. The campus is gorgeous and you can rent a boat and row there. So its a nice mix of nature

How often are there concerts in Nottingham? Its not the capital like Cardiff, so I’m assuming not as often? I did see Aitch came to perform.

Also, I know the student union organises events for students with music etc.

Btw - I’m not going to university for the social life, off course, but I want to know in advance what its like.

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