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Can someone give me alevel choice advice?

Heyyy sooo alevels.

My current choices are chemistry and biology right, however obviouslyy I need a third option and thats likeeee confusing me. Personally I find chemistry so so so hard, and biology is so so so large.. Therefore my current 3rd option being German seems a little unrealistic :< like I really want to take German but I feel so stressed about it as I didn't use my summer to learn vocabulary and now I'm really guilty lolz. Plus I'm definitely not a natural and my brain is slightly small, so I don't know if I can manage it. My second option would be geography alevel which I think could be more manageable, but even then people say the workload is massive. So now I'm stressed about it and I have no time left. I haven't even bought a bag for sixth form ;-; halp
All A-Levels are hard in different ways. If you find chem hard and are intimidated by bio I suggest you take a "fun" A-Level as your 3rd so it can give you a bit of a break. What kind of course do you wanna study at uni? I took bio, chem and music. I needed chem and bio for my uni course (biochemistry) and music is my passion so it was a natural 3rd choice for me. What subjects did you enjoy at GCSE?
You might want to check if this is an option at your school bit you could take both and drop one later? I would definitely suggest talking to your teacher about that but it might give you a feel of what you enjoy. But be careful because sometimes the first month can be deceivingly easy and then it ramps up. Did you take german GCSE and geography? If so would you mind sharing how you did and how you found it as it might give a better understanding of which suits you?
something to consider would be geography coursework, which does end up being quite a large workload and requires a lot of initiative to really get yourself into it. there is also the languages IRP (for aqa - i can't speak for other exam boards), but i think overall this would be less work than writing a couple thousand word essay. imo you should just go with german if it's the subject you prefer - i do a level spanish, and it has the lightest workload of all my subjects by far :smile:

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