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Should I get a new laptop or will it suffice for masters?

Currently got Lenovo IdeaPad 1 (11ADA05 model). Have used it since my 1st year for BSc Computer Science and a bit of my last year at college.

I will be starting MSc Cyber Security in a few weeks and I was considering if I should upgrade or not. Now the laptop is not horrible, I still like using it and don't have much problems with it. I have noticed that it is starting to slow down a bit and has frozen a few times.

During my time at Uni, I typically used the labs or library to do my work and other projects as most of the programs are already installed and tend to be faster.

I know that from this it seems that I want to keep the laptop but I want to know if keeping the laptop will not hinder me in my studies or am I causing myself more problems down the line If I don't upgrade. I am a bit tight on money and was hoping to buy a tablet to help me with revision and note-taking

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