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My ex deleting me

I feel so deeply hurt and confused.
My ex broke up with me 4 months ago, but throughout the past few months he has been texting my mum to check about me, and he texted me twice when he found out i had a car accident. Other than that i’ve been avoiding him and focusing so much on myself then after 3 months of the break he deleted me suddenly from Snapchat. I got so mad and angry so i texted him to know why and he told me honestly that my pictures are bothering him. I respected that even tho he's the one who dumped me. 2 weeks later he texted my mum again to check up on me. Ps: he thought that my mother doesn't tell me
Month later after that, he unfollowed me from Instagram. I got furious this time so i texted him again and i came off too strong, told him what the **** is wrong with you. why you keep hurting me. * was a mistake* he was acting so heartless and so cold, i got hurt and i removed him everywhere from social media. The next day he texted my to explain that he wasn't bad man and that he was in a really bad place in his life and mentality he wasn't okay that's why he broke up, then he confessed that he saw a comment from a guy on my picture that's why unfollowed me.
Thought he will try to ask me to come back because he showed me that he still cares but he didn't so I tried to end the convo on good terms. And then i added him on Facebook again . Just for the sake that we still love each others and we ended on good terms.
But guess what.. 2 weeks late he removed me from facebook. Ouch yeah. But why why he keep doing that. Facebook was the only thing left between us on social media.
And i didn't text him that time. But i just want to understand
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Why are you allowing this man to 'yank your chain'? - Every time you get angry or mad he is the winner. Ignore him but don't then send mixed messages rejoining where you left off. If the tables were turned what would you expect? You have a choice to ask your Mum to block him but leave this man alone. There is nothing to understand apart from your reaction to his contact.
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You claim to love each other, but you split up, you avoid him, swear at him, and wonder why he's not interested in keeping in touch anymore?

He's your ex and he's moving on; you should do the same.

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