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Can you bring someone along for welcome week?

A friend wants me to come along for their welcome week at Uni. Is that allowed?
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more than sure it is. my friend took me and two of my other friends to visit Brunel.
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Original post by KH29
more than sure it is. my friend took me and two of my other friends to visit Brunel.

And that's the welcome week like when Uni has actually started for students?
Original post by retr0-am
A friend wants me to come along for their welcome week at Uni. Is that allowed?

What exactly do they want to come along to?

Staying in your room?
Attending your lectures, seminars and tutorials?
Your induction to the course and campus?
Freshers Fair clubs and society sign ups?

(Also not being rude but don’t they have anything better to do?)
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Normal for an open day, but not really for welcome week beyond dropping you off and helping you unpack.

The focus of activities will be on helping you find your feet, not chaperoning your friends and family.
While it’s normal for open days it’s really not for welcome week while your busy going to lectures they would have to do a lot of hanging around. Also having friends come with you unless they just happen to be at the same uni could inhibit making friends because you’ll be sticking to that friend and not mixing nearly as much as you should be.
I'm not sure if it's the same for all unis but I assume it is
If someone isn't a student at the uni and goes to the lecture and they find out they can get in serious trouble, I'm not saying they would know as welcome week is new students and they would be with you but I wouldn't risk it as people might ask what happens
Also people normally struggle more going up to a group of people so when first meeting course mates and others they would be less likely to say hi so it would make it overall harder to make friends

If they really wanted to go to one of the fairs with you then they could but I know quite a lot of people go with flatmates to try and get to know them

Also you'll have to check the accommodation contract but normally you can't have people stay for more than 2 consecutive days in a week so they wouldn't be able to stay in your room the whole week

I know the idea of moving to uni is really scary and the change is massive and it can be really hard to start with but everyone is feeling like that so people talk to new people and have events to combat this so taking friends sort of takes away from the point of freshers as then you would be having those feelings more in the second and third week when there are fewer activities to occupy you
I've seen a post on here about getting into trouble if you go to a lecture you aren't meant to be at. I took a gap year, during which I stayed with my friend at her uni for a couple days and I also went to one of her lectures. At the start of term, nobody remembers everyone's faces, so itll be easy for you to go unnoticed. Just make sure you go to a big lecture and not one of the smaller ones when you need to work in groups. And even if someone does recognise you, just act like you're a student who turned up in the wrong lecture hall and walk out. Theyre not gonna send security after you lol. Also with societies you would need to pay to join, although some taster sessions are free so perhaps you could go to one of them. You can definitely tag along for welcome week as no one would tell u off but I think it would be better if you joined your friend on nights out or only for a couple days so that they get the chance to socialise more as welcome week is really important for making friends :smile:
Original post by retr0-am
A friend wants me to come along for their welcome week at Uni. Is that allowed?

Hey there!

To be honest, it completely depends on what part of welcome week you mean and which university you'll be attending. If you were thinking more of the freshers week events, most student events only require you to have a valid ID to gain entry. I've had friends from other universities come and visit me and we went on nights out together so you'll be absolutely fine as long as you have a student ID. If you mean their course welcome week sessions, I would say no. That's their chance to get to know their new coursemates and some of those sessions take a register to see who's shown up and who hasn't. If you mean things like the campus tours and fairs at the uni then absolutely if that makes them feel more comfortable, sure go for it. Some sports and societies fairs require you to show/scan your student ID before you go so you may not get into those sorts of events.

Hope this helped!
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