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Went away. Hasn’t seen me for 3 weeeks. Chooses work over me. I’m done

Haven’t seen my bf is 3 weeks. I usually go to his on the weekends but now he’s picked up weekend shifts too. He’s offered to come see me after his work today but I said what is the point you’ll be tired. Because he works 6am-6pm. Like who wants to be around someone who’s tired.

We’ve been together 2 years. I already see him only the weekends Cus he works during the week. I mean guys in my past I saw them every 2 days but they had flexible careers.

I’m just getting bored of this relationship when I bring it up he says I’m attacking him because we’ve argued all week. He says I need to understand he has work and it won’t be every weekend but I haven’t seen him for 3 weeks. I went away last week so I would have thought he didn’t work this week but he did plus he told me randomly on Friday. So he would have never said anything. I’m honestly drained and tired and won’t beg someone to see me. He said he was going to get me after work but I think he was lying I think he just said it because I kicked off
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He says it seems like I don’t want to be with him and I’m not intrested but how can I be interested in a relationship like this. I’m not a text buddy to just text for weeks on end
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Like who wants to be around someone who’s tired.

I’m honestly drained and tired

Pot, kettle?

Seriously, welcome to the real world where people need money and have responsibilities and work ethic. What do you do that apparently gives you plenty of free time and limited obligations? Does your bf work extra shifts because he wants to save up, eg house, car? Why would you object to financial stability in the future?
if you doesn't make the time to meet, that's a clear sign that he's not interested in you as much anymore. Like he could very well be meeting up with friends and everyone else but can't even make the time to see you, I mean that tells alot about how he regards you. Clearly everything else is more important than you to him.

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