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can I use the Yoti app/have my passport on my phone to use for ID for clubs?

just wondering if I can show a picture of my passport on my phone instead of having to bring a physical copy when I enter clubs?
Haven't heard of it before, but it looks like it's had an official stamp of approval've%20partnered%20with%20Yoti,products%20and%20to%20access%20cinemas.

However, there may be some places who will only accept an old fashioned form of ID (e.g. valid passport, driving license etc.). Not sure whether you're a guy or a girl, but bear in mind door staff tend to be A LOT stricter on guys than girls.

I would suggest checking with the venue(s) you're planning on going to... they probably have a website with all this information on there; if not, then a contact (phone, email etc.) where someone will tell you the forms of ID they accept.
As above 'maybe', it will come down to the individual staff member and many would be sceptical of anything digital, a lot of these 3rd party IDs like Citizencard, Proveit etc were never accepted too widely.

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