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am i supposed to bring my laptop in uni?
Original post by mattfrancis40
am i supposed to bring my laptop in uni?

Hi mattfrancis40,

A laptop is very very useful to have! You can make notes on paper or try to use computers on your campus (or an iPad or tablet of you have one instead) but for me a laptop did everything I needed - notes, assignments, exams, research, meetings etc. So I'd definitely recommend bringing yours if you can:smile:

Best wishes,

University of Exeter Student Ambassador

Unless you are specifically asked to bring a laptop to the seminar or lecture, then you do not have to bring a laptop. Some students like to take notes using their laptops while others prefer to write notes in a notebook or on lined paper.

Some things to consider if you choose to bring a laptop:
How heavy is it? How long does the battery lasts for? Does it fit in your backpack or will you need an additional laptop case or bag? How fast can you type?

Some things to consider if you don't choose to bring a laptop:
Is it better to have a typed version of your notes than written notes? Can you read your writing when you write quickly? Will you need to later type up your notes? Are you better revising using typed or written notes?

Hope that helps,

Oluwatosin 2nd year student University of Huddersfield
Original post by mattfrancis40
am i supposed to bring my laptop in uni?

Hey @mattfrancis40,

Unless the university has told you directly, you do not have to bring your laptop to university but you might find it helpful. Not just for lectures but also for relaxing e.g. watching shows.

What are your personal reasons for wanting to/not wanting to bring a laptop?

If you do bring one, I recommend you use a waterproof case for it and put it in a bag that is also waterproof! I hope this helped a little bit. :smile:

University of Kent Student Rep
Hi Matt,

You're free to bring your laptop if you want, or to not bring it and take paper notes if you'd prefer! I'd advise you to bring the laptop if you have it though, being able to take your notes everywhere is incredibly useful and you can make use of the Google suite to have all your notes in the cloud, though most universities are able to offer you the full Microsoft 365 suite if that's more your preference. You definitely don't have to, but it will definitely help especially to relax in your flat with some Netflix or YouTube, etc.

Courtney H

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