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I need advice!

I failed 2nd yr of law school and will get a HND. I have been in uni since 2020 and will get my HND in 2025 which means I have wasted 5 years of uni for a diploma. I have four assignments left and need to get a job should I drop out or continue to get a HND? Also, what can I do with a HND?
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I don't think anyone can answer this one as it very much depends on your personal circumstances, your finances, and where you envisage you want to be in both 1 year and 5 years time. What do you want to do with your qualification? Have you failed your second year because you didn't put as much time and effort into your study as perhaps you should? Or have you struggled with the academic content of the course? That matters.

Go and speak urgently with your careers section at your Uni to talk through every available option. Talk to your tutors and see what their thoughts are of the calibre of work you are submitting, and what their knowledge and experience tells them of students who have failed their course and left Uni. You need to know this to start to find the energy and the motivation to complete four assignments.

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