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Out of a school trip to Berlin (from history) in June, Spain (from Spanish) in March and Italy (from R.E) in February, which school trip sounds like the most fun and worth going? All of them are at similar prices and I have different friends going on different trips. In Spain, there will be Spanish classes, a nice hotel with a swimming pool and we will be visiting different cities. In Italy, we will go to the Vatican and do some trips to different parts of Rome. In Germany, we will visit the Berlin Wall and a few other historic places and do a tour of the city. I have been to Spain a few times and would like to go to a new country but I am predicting that the trip to Spain will be the most fun. I'm not sure if February is the best month for going to Italy. I have to pick the trip by tomorrow and can't decide which one is the best one. Which one sounds the most appealing to you? If you have been on a school trip to one or some of these countries could you tell me what it was like and which one you enjoyed the most? Thanks!
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Berlin, but also I'm part German and history-obsessed so I might be biased :biggrin: If someone offered to take me on a historical tour of Berlin I'd be on the next plane there.

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