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Applying for Chem Eng

Hi guys, I am a bit stuck on my final choice for my 5 uni choices. I am predicted AAAA in Maths,Chem,Phys and Bio. I will be applying to Manchester,UCL,Bath and Edinburgh. For my final choice I am considering Imperial.

Their standard offer is A*A*AA and their contextual offer is AAA. Would it be too much of a risk applying there or should I apply somewhere else with an AAA entry standard.

Any opinions will be appreciated 😁
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Go for it - Chem Eng is actually not that competitive and the worst they can say is no.
If your other choices are more realistic, one risky choice is usually worth it.
Just remember that if you do get an offer - those are the grades you will need to achieve.
Thank you very much. I appreciate it that a lot. I’m going to go for it! Hopefully all goes well 😁

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